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The Food Timeline.  If you enjoy learning history with hands on activities like cooking or doing re-enactments that involve dining, this is a fun site for you.  Learn the history of common (and not so common) foods and recipes for their preparation.  Secular, so the early history dates reflect that, but there are a lot of good facts and fun to be found.
George Washington's Papers.  A collection of our first president's papers.
George Washington's Mt. Vernon.  Take the virtual tour of Mt. Vernon.  Really nice!
History/Social Study Forms.
A site that contains Tapestry of Grace unit study history/social study themed forms in Adobe Acrobat Reader (free download if you don't have it). LOTS of stuff from timelines to St. Patrick Blessings to Civil War asset sheets to State quick facts, Missionary sheets, etc.
Homeschool Christian's History Links.  Links and more links on history!
Junior General. "This web site is intended to promote the use of historical simulations as a tool for teaching history by providing free resources that anyone can use. The simulations make use of historical miniatures (paper or plastic toy soldiers), maps and counters, and matrix arguments. The simulations are designed for students in grades 6 - 8. Each scenario is
complete with everything needed to run the simulation except dice and rulers." The site gives paper soldier print outs, history of battles, and directions for simulations. Eclectic but fun looking!
National Parks Web Rangers provides games and online interaction for our nation's national parks regarding nature, science and history.  For all ages and levels of difficulties.
Notgrass History.  From Notgrass' website: "Our homeschooling family wants to help your homeschooling family teach the heart, soul, and mind. Our company produces a variety of original homeschool curriculum and resources to make your homeschool simpler and more effective. All of the homeschool curriculum we write has a Biblical foundation."
Xenophile History  This site is produced by Charles Kimball, a self-professed history buff.  It is filled with various and extensive articles he has written on world history, ancient to modern, filed by geographic area.  Mr. Kimball is a conservative Christian who upholds the inerrancy of the Bible and those dates indicated by the original scriptures.  He also holds to a New Chronology timeline for Egyptian dynasties (see his website for discussion on that).  He does not move the Bible dates as is the common modern method in secular history (such as trying to date the Exodus to the late 1200's  BC) but rather moves Egyptian dynasty dates to solve some common archeaological questions.  Thus, you will see a different slant to history than most typical textbooks.  Excellent essays for supplemental reading on ancient history.