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Getting Started: Why and How
Know the Law
Deciding What to Teach
Deciding Which Curriculum
Planning Your Homeschool
Real World Solutions
Teaching the Three R's
Pitfalls to Avoid
Homeschool 101 Articles

For help with some common questions about homeschooling, we submit the following articles;
(Click on a section below to take you to our answer and tips for the questions in that topic area.)

Getting Started, Why & How:
     Why Should I Homeschool?
     How Do I Start to Homeschool?

The Legal Stuff for Homeschoolers in Oregon:
     What are Oregon's Legal Requirements?
     ESD Notification
     Grade Level Selection (don't be too quick to skip)
     Testing (ins and outs of the standardized tests)
     What records do I legally need to keep?

Deciding What to Teach:
     How Will I Know What I Should Teach My Child and When?
     Scope and Sequence (The Terms of the Trade) 
     Schooling Styles (Traditional, Progressive, Classical, Unschooling, Eclectic)

Deciding Which Curriculum:
    How do I choose Curriculum?
    Curriculum Reflects Schooling Style
    Our Pointers for Choosing Curriculum
    Gathering More Information

Planning Your Homeschool:
     How Do I Set My School Year?
     How Do I Keep School Records and Do Lesson Planning?
     What About Grades? 

Real World Solutions--Making it Work in the Real World:
     How Do I Homeschool With Multiple Children, Different Ages, and Housework?
    (It's easier than you think!  A little organization, sense of humor & some flexiblity)

    How Do I Teach an Active Child Who Won't Sit Still?
    (We had one of those--the games we used!)

   What About Socialization? (Homeschooled is not isolation!)

   What Do I Do If I'm Discouraged Because Homeschooling Isn't Going So Well?
    (Don't just give up...Apply rest, relaxation, prayer, and thoughtful analyzation)

Teaching the Three R's:
     How Do I Teach My Child to Read?
     (Reading Methods Comparison)

     How Do I Teach Writing Composition?
     (Discussion and Tips on the Writing Process)

     How Do I Grade A Written Composition?
     (Tips and Our Rubrics Form)

     What About Teaching Math?
      (Encouragement and Ideas on How to Tackle Math)

The Pitfalls to Avoid
     What Should I Ask that I Don't Know to Ask?
     Common pitfalls to avoid for new (and not so new) homeschoolers

If you have a question regarding homeschooling that you would like answered, but don't see here, feel free to email us at and we will do our best to help you.