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Aplus math. This site affords free interactive flashcards and printable worksheets for math. From simple addition/subtraction to beginning algebra.
Beyond Numbers is a book written by a homeschool alumni who carefully and engagingly demonstrates how the subject of math shows God's faithfulness and covenant relationship.  A useful book about math and the Great Mathematician to help those who may dread the idea of having to teach math to their children or see math as a "non-biblical" subject.  May be downloaded cheaply in e-book form.
Brightstorm offers free 24/7 math tutorials to help support high school math subjects.  Included online are over 2000 free tutorial videos on math subjects from algebra through calculus.  Brightstorm also sells AP, SAT and ACT prep material (which is why the free math help is there...they want you to buy their stuff).  Look for the option to sign up for the free Brightstorm log-in account to avoid bombarding your Facebook friends with Brightstorm spam. (Brightstorm attempts to get you to sign up through your Facebook account and make all your friends aware of Brightstorm).  The videos are useful subject tutorials...but don't get lured into Facebook spam. provides just that...math worksheets to print out for free.  Lots of them for every category. Answer keys available. Math for pre-school through pre-algebra.  Well organized to find just what you need. GREAT website.
Dr. Math.  Can't figure it out?  Ask Dr. Math!  From elementary to the tough subjects (even calculus), Dr. Math can help you with your problem.
Exploring the World of Mathmatics written by John Tiner (and part of the "Exploring the World" series) is an engaging supplement, geared towards middle school ages but useable for younger and older students, that explains the math solutions used on real problems in history. Written from a Christian perspective, it shows God's orderly universe and how math indeed has been used to solve man's problems over the years.
Graph Paper. Free graph paper print out using .pdf and your browser to easily print graph paper from your home computer. (No more running out!)  If you prefer a download, go to
Graphing Calculator Help!  For those of us going nuts trying to use the manufacturer's manual to figure out how to do math applications on a graphing calculator, Mathbits is a really great website that gives step by step instructions for math applications on the common Texas Instrument graphing calculators.  Another website with basic instructional help in clear English is PrenHall.  Also go to Using the TI 83-84 for a tutorial on how to use those specific calculators (both of which are allowed on the college board exams).

NEW! Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that provides FREE online video lessons including math from basic arithmetic through calculus as well as history, science, SAT prep, economics, computer science and more. Amount of video coverage varies between topics, so this is likely a good supplement rather than a full course, however some homeschoolers have used the math videos with great success for high school upper math and SAT prep. Reported as secular but well done and fairly balanced. 
LIVE Online Math provides online math courses.  Purchase full interactive teacher graded classes to independent study parent graded courses.  Pre-Algebra through Algebra II currently offered.
Living Math  This is the efforts of Julie Brennan, a former CPA and current homeschooling mom in the San Diego area, who discovered her bright son loved to read but had learned to hate math.  She takes a Charlotte Mason approach to actually teaching math, ie, using living books to read about mathmeticians, the history of math, math applied in science, then using that as a launching off point to learn math skills.  She has started a living math forum (which you can join at her website) to support others interested in a more "living" approach to learn math and is in the process of writing math curriclum and publishing it through pdf downloads on her website.  provides over 6,000 free math work sheets with answer keys for numerous math areas to help provide drill for the basic skills.
Millers Marvelous Math is a math site filled with puzzles, helps, worksheets, tutorials,  specialized calculators, games and gadgets.
Purple Math  This site has a lot of math lessons and online helps including free sites that will help you solve your math question.  For upper grades (pre-Algebra, Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, Calculus).  Check out their excellent links too. 
Quick Math  QuickMath is a free automated service for answering common math problems. "Think of it as an online calculator that solves equations and does all sorts of algebra and calculus problems - instantly and automatically! You can type in your algebra (or other math problem), hit the submit button, then see the answer.  Very helpful for programs without a solution key or if the key is apparently wrong.
Savvy is local to Portland (Savvy Minds also provides for fee summer math programs to introduce upper math concepts to students).  Its website's help resources are middle and high school math focused and FREE. The content is updated and improved by the Portland math teaching community. has free:  Online math lessons including video lessons; Course summary Note cards; Graphing calculator tips; Book recommendations; Worksheets; and more Worksheet links.  Great math resource!
Thinkwell Homeschool online packages provide a 12-month subscription to their online video instruction, 50 hours extended support, interactive exercises, pre-tests, tests, and notes...for a very reasonable price (currently $125 per subject for the basic package described above).  Subjects include 6th grade through 12th grade math (through calculus), and AP biology, chemisty, physics and American government.  An optional workbook and video cd may be bought to supplement the online course (but are not sold separately). These are secular videos, so the subjects are taught from a secular view point, and the math is taught by a college professor who used to be a stand up comic and who has a bit of fun with the dry topics occasionally. However the math appears to be basic math concepts and humor overall clean.  Subscription is not refundable so view the sample demos carefully first.  The math packages are reviewed and recommended by Sonlight for homeschoolers (and sold through Sonlight as well).