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About Us

We seek the CHOC Board to be a useful tool for not only Christian homeschoolers but any home schooler new to homeschooling, new to the extended Portland metro, or just needing some new ideas and local contacts for the wholesome activities available in our Northwest home schooling community.    

Who We Are.
We are a Christian homeschool family in the Beaverton area. We homeschooled our three children full time from grade school through high school. All three have graduated from homeschool and onto successful college programs and career choices (Vet Tech, Journalism, and Electronics Engineering).

The editor, Tammy, has been a homeschool support group leader for over 15 years and has coordinated and led various homeschool co-ops and learning groups including currently
the Beaverton Homeschool Debate Club.  The technical advisor, Glen, is a loving and supportive husband and homeschool father and a full time network systems engineer. Both have been involved in various ministries in our homeschool and church community over the years.

How did the CHOC Board begin?
We love homeschooling, and we love the grassroots approach of homeschooling. Yet, at times, we also recognized a disadvantage from not being able to easily pass information along a larger network. After yet again learning of a fun activity after the fact (ie. too late to do anything about it) we felt a need to find a way to share information that went beyond our circle of friends. 

We found that businesses we talked to were equally eager to offer services to home schoolers but frustrated that they could find no coordinated network to help them reach out to those in our area.

So, we began to envision something like a Yellow Page directory that listed current local resources, supports and activities that Christian homeschoolers would find useful. We also thought it would be good to have an online guide that passed along some valuable tips we'd learned along the way. Finally, we thought it would be great to also have a place that could become a network of sharing for both homeschoolers and businesses catering to them.

All for free to our homeschool community as we understand the needs of staying within a family budget. 
With the wonders of the internet at hand, Tammy decided to appoint herself the "unofficial-official" librarian for such information in our area. With technical advice from Glen, in April 2007 we began our directories and help pages with the favorites we'd discovered over our 15 years of homeschooling. 

We are here to serve.
If you have any questions or comments about the CHOC Board, our forums, or about homeschooling in general, please feel free to contact us. We'll try our best to answer your questions or address your concerns.  We also welcome your input to help us improve our site and ministry.

We Continue to Grow!
Our hope is that The CHOC Board is a blessing to those Christian homeschoolers in the general Portland area who desire to find support and resources to aid them in their homeschooling endeavors in Christ. We also wish to be a blessing to all homeschoolers in our area who desire help in finding good, wholesome activities and resources for their homeschool.
In His Service,
Glen and Tammy Arp
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