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Curriculum Publishers: New

The first two links are great resources for curriculum reviews and publishers for all schooling approaches.
Cathy Duffy's Reviews. All Styles. Cathy Duffy is the author of the famous Christian Curriculum Guides for homeschooling that were extrememly helpful to the new and veteran homeschoolers over the years. As more and more curriculum came onto the market, Mrs. Duffy consolidated her favorites into a 100 Top Picks book. This website consolidates reviews of material not included in her 100 Top Picks (but that is still a lot of information about a lot of very useful curriculum that a lot of people like)!  VERY helpful site.
Exodus BooksAll Styles. The Exodus store in Oregon City has a very comprehensive list of links to most of the Christian homeschool curriclum and book publishers on their website (divided by schooling styles).  They are also working at uploading Amazon-style example pages to curriculum (some pages are there now).  Plus, they are adding user reviews and invite homeschoolers to write reviews for curriclum Exodus carries!  Their site helps continue to get better and better as time goes on.  Local to our area, but they ship world wide.  (We know, they were wonderful to work with to help us ship curriculum to missionaries in Khasakstan!)
Please visit the above 2 links as they hold a lot of our favorites and lots of information, but below are more links we've gleaned over our years of homeschooling that often are not on someone's link page, or which we personally loved so that we put them here too, especially if they gave us FREE stuff! (Some sites we know better than others):

arranged alphabetically by schooling style
Charlotte Mason Approach
Ambleside. Charlotte Mason Approach.  This site provides free full curriculum guidelines (for grades 1 through 10) that follow the Charlotte Mason approach.  The guides list suggested books for the different subject areas together with a weekly schedule. Its site also links online a number of the books which are recommended in the guides. The Charlotte Mason approach is also thoroughly explained to support implementation of the curriculum guides.  Not all books suggested will appeal to all Christian families.
Queen Homeschool Supplies Inc. Charlotte Mason Approach. The Queen family publishes books that support the Charlotte Mason style of education which includes books for reading aloud, copywork, dictation, language lessons, and Biblical studies.  They also sell books from other publishers that fit what Charlotte Mason phrased as "living books" for history, nature studies, science and math.

Classical Education Approach
Escondido Tutorial Service Christian Classical Education. "Inside you will find historic and modern explanations of classical education, an analysis of the trivium and its components, ideas for the practical application of classical education to homeschooling from experienced homeschoolers and other educators, a complete curriculum guide and online catalog for grades K-12, networking opportunities with other classical educators, comprehensive links to internet resources for classical education, and much more."
It's Back! NEW NAME Kings Meadow Curriculum, formerly known as Gileskirk Classical Curriculum  Christian Classical Education. The goal of George Grant, pastor and author of this curriculum series, which was originally published as Gileskirk Curriculum, is to provide a strong Humanities or Liberal Arts survey of the disciplines of history, literature, philosophy, theology, civics, art, music, and architecture in four great epochs: Antiquity, Christendom, Modernity, and American Culture (American history).  Also see AVLUX  which provides forums to discuss issues raised through this curriculum.
Tapestry of Grace. Christian Classical/Unit Study Approach. Tapestry of Grace is a classical, unit-study approach which guides the whole family though 4 years of study of world history, with an emphasis on western/American history, using primarily good literature. When you finish the 4 years, you merely start again, moving your children to more challenging books. This Christian curriculum covers history, literature, art and music history, church history, philosophy, geography, and writing for all ages. Government is included for the high schooler. While providing the lessons for you, Tapestry does recommend at least an hour of study each week for the parent to prepare for meaningful discussions.
Tree of Life School and Book Service Christian Classical Education. Tree of Life is a Canadian Classical Christian homeschool program and online bookstore that weaves Biblical worldview through analyzing literature and history with a classical attitude.  You can purchase per book, or curriculum per class, or purchase the whole oversight program, or view their syllabus to help you develop your own classical program.
The Well Trained MindClassical Education.  "The Well-Trained Mind, a book published in 1999 by W.W. Norton, serves as a resource for parents wanting to educate their children according to the classical model of education. This site complements the information in the book, providing updated resources, articles, links, and other information useful to parents who are actively involved in their family's education."  Susan Wise Bauer's "Story of the World" for children is based on the WTM method.

Unit Studies or Thematic or Hands-on (Kinesthetic) Approach
Alwright Publishing Hands On Unit Studies for Science and Electives. company is the work of a homeschooling family in Georgia. Kim Wright created hands on units for her own children, shared them with her co-op group, and now publishes them for sale. There are units such as Victorian Quilting and Sewing, Flower Arranging, Botany, Birds, The Microscope, Spiders, Arachnids, Sheep, Goats, Poultry and Photography. They use the notebook approach relying upon the child's research as well as providing basic information, lab sheets, work sheets, flash cards and such.
CurrClick, or Curriculum in a ClickUnit Study-Theme Study.  Ths site provides downloadable e-books for unit studies, lap books, research projects, and novel studies in all subject areas at reasonable fees, some even free. Mostly secular although a number of Christian publishers are also represented.
Easy Fun School   Hands On Unit Studies and Lesson Plans. has free articles, unit study plans, lesson plans, resource links, a newsletter, and many other features to make homeschooling more enjoyable for both child and parent.  Covers language arts, Bible, history, social studies, and science for a wide range of ages.
Home Science ToolsHands On Kits and Supplies for Textbooks. Home Science Tools (formerly Home Training Tools) is a science supplies company. Has actual kits and/or printouts of materials needed for Apologia, Abeka and Bob Jones science as well as a host of the usual and unusual science supplies. HTT also provides an interesting free, monthly newsletter (upon sign up), that includes science lessons and information resources.  Great company to work with!
Timberdoodle  Hands On Kits and Science Textbooks. This is a FUN company!  It carries unique items with the hands-on learner in mind.  You will find a few textbooks (mostly the "funner" kind), but as they like to emphasize hands-on learning, there are a LOT of educational games, kits, puzzles, manipulatives, science kits, art kits, etc., which promote learning without feeling like it's "school."  Our favorite from them is their Simple Machines Kit which they have bought out from K'nex and sell exclusively (as K'nex no longer makes it).  It is a mechanical science program for grades 1-8 all in itself with absolutely fabulous teacher documentation!
Tobin's Lab  Hands On Kits and Science Textbooks. This is a science materials company that sells everything from science text books to science supplies and kits to fun history/geography and art supplements.  Emphasizes hands-on learning.  Another FUN company!

Traditional Approach
High School and BeyondTraditional- Mixed. This website page provided by  Homeschoolers of Maine contains links to numerous free full course material geared for the high schooler (scroll to the bottom of page to find the free high school curriculum links).  The choice of courses was made on several criteria: the course was completely free and online; the material available was substantial--enough to constitute at least 1/2 semester of a subject area; the courses offered are those expected for college entrance; and the material, they felt, would not be objectionable to most homeschooling families (although most are secular sites).  We've not tried the free course material personally, but the site looks promising for those searching for completely free high school curriculum especially for foreign language.  Most courses would fall in the "traditional" styling.
Evan Moore PublishersTraditional-Unit Theme. Evan Moore will give you access to every single thing they publish for 99 cents the first month and then 9.99 each month after through its Teacher File Box service. covers grades Pre-K–6, although there are many materials that would be appropriate for differentiated learning environments across higher grade levels.  They also allow you to set up lesson plans AND provide answer keys to units.  A friend has used this service and felt it was very cost-effective.

The Puritans' Homeschool CurriculumTraditional. This site contains a mix of numerous free, curriculum for full courses in history, literature, economics, government, church history, visual basic programming, speech and debate for grades k-12.  Produced to be in compliance with a reformed theological view point in accordance with the original Westminster confession.  Includes student text books and teacher manuals with tests completely downloadable for free.  Requires adobe acrobat (which is a free download as well).  We were impressed with what we read in the history texts.