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Directory of Local Activities

Directory of Local Activities, Classes, and Programs 
available to Christian Homeschoolers in our Area
Included in these directory pages are links and/or contacts to recurring local activities, programs and classes that are either specifically targeted for Christian home schoolers or would be considered wholesome homeschool opportunities. 
Webpage links are in blue (purple if you've visited that site before), so click on those to go to that website. Email links have the email address @ in them.  Click on those to bring up your internet mail to contact the organization or person.
Programs and activities can change often, so if you come upon a link that is dead, or an organization that is no longer offering its activity or program, or if you find that the activity is not well suited for homeschool families that hold a Christian or wholesome-type worldview, please click on Contact Us (at the side bar) to let us know.
Please click on a section heading below (or in the navigation bar on the left) to go to a specific interest area:

While our focus is to support Christian home schooling families, and we attempt to list only activities pleasing to Christian families,  please personally verify the appropriateness of any class, program or instructor listed on our site in regards to your family's tastes and concern. Not all directory entries describe opportunities or resources that are explicitly Christian nor are we attempting to act as a personal character reference or voucher for each entry. This is a resource directory to use at your discretion.