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Do you like to connect online with other homeschoolers? Do you like to "post" or "chat" about homeschooling methods, ask questions about curriculum, need to find out what's going on in the homeschool world?

Welcome to the world of online forums. Forums are websites that provide posting, and sometimes real-time chat, services devoted to connecting their members to one another in order to discuss specific interests. Since forums take a lot of moderating to remain safe and positive, our site does not provide a forum service for our readers.

Please be aware that forums can be great tools but also pose risks. Never share private information to the web. Be aware that what you write does not convey you voice tone nor facial expression, so often words can be taken harshly that were meant congenially.

The sites linked below offer either forums or eLists (a group mailing list that acts like a chain letter so all members receive copies of all posts) that we have found helpful over the years for homeschoolers.

Greater Portland Homeschoolers. A Yahoo group that requires free membership in order to see and receive postings on their website (posts can also be delivered to your mailbox if you choose). This list is devoted to all homeschoolers in the Portland Metro area. It is "inclusive" and "secular" and therefore requests that religion and politics remain off list. We have found this list helpful as the focus has remained on announcing field trips, activities, events, etc. for the Portland area. Moderated. 

Oregon Christian Homeschoolers. Another Yahoo group that requires free membership to see and post (and receive in your mailbox if you so desire). It is Christian in nature and is intended for all of Oregon (and moderators can become frustrated if members hog the forum for information solely for the Portland metro). Very well moderated. 

Christian Homeschool Fellowship (CHFWeb). A national Christian homeschool forum that provides a multitude of discussion forums for nearly all walks of homeschooling as well as the Christian life. Well moderated.

More local Christian homeschool online support groups and social networks can be found through OCEANetwork's website by typing in your zip code and gleaning through the support groups listed (unfortunately there isn't a separate category for online forums).

OHEN, Oregon's secular home education support group, keeps a listing of secular Portland area social homeschool forums.