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Rules of Use and Copyright

A few rules, and some legal stuff will, of course, apply to the CHOC Board.  Please receive them in the spirit of helping us keep the CHOC Board a safe, accurate, and enjoyable place for our homeschool families to communicate, resource and network.

Legal Disclaimers
While the CHOC Board strives to provide accurate and appropriate information on its website pages, the CHOC Board makes no warranties or guarantees of any kind and is not liable for any damages which may be incurred by relying upon any of the information provided by the CHOC Board website.

The CHOC Board acts as a free public resource directory and may rely upon third-party information (that's how a network functions).

Any Directory entry or Event or Announcement entry on our website should not be construed as a personal guarantee or recommendation by the CHOC Board or its owners, Tammy and Glen Arp, nor are we attempting to act as character reference for any instructor, activity, program, or organization. 

While our focus is to support Christian homeschooling families, not all forum or directory entries describe opportunities or resources that are explicitly Christian.

It is your responsibility to personally verify any resource, class, activity, program or instructor is appropriate for your own family's safety and concern.

Due to the nature of the internet, The CHOC Board makes no guarantees of any kind regarding any of the links on its pages or in its forums or the appropriateness of their content.

To help us maintain our site, if you see an entry, link, or post that is inaccurate, fradulent or inappropriate, or discover a program or activity is inappropriate for Christian homeschool families, please inform us at or on our "Report Dead Links and Errors" page

 Please Use Wise Internet Practices When Submitting Information to us for Our Directories or Event or General Announcements Blogs. 
It is your responsibility to instruct your family how to follow wise internet practices regarding disclosing your personal contact information for any CHOC Board directory listing or announcement. (If it's on the internet it becomes public information...That's how the internet works.)

Businesses are welcome to submit information they would like posted on our Directories or Event Calendar or General Announcement Board if it is something that would be beneficial to our homeschool community.

Private individuals (such as support group leaders) should only submit contact information that you want to become public (we recommend creating a public email from Gmail, yahoo, or hotmail for public use) and keep your private contact information vague (such as private email address, home address or phone number).

Home-based businesses should use an assumed business name, a post office mailing box, and an internet based email for your contact information if you do not want your personal contact information searchable on the internet.

Protect Yourself from Fraudulent Use of Your Information by Third-Parties
The CHOC Board will never sell or give away any email address or personal information of anyone, but spammers and trollers can simply lift your contact information from our web pages..

Please be aware of scam practices that use the internet to search for contact information to send fraudulent offers or direct you to a fraudulent internet address. Never respond to a suspicious email that requests private information from you (like your financial account information, user name or password).  Your bank, internet provider, or other service provider already has that information and will never ask for it in email. Never respond to a suspicious email that requests you transfer money or make some financial arrangement for them, usually with a claim fee. 

Fraudulent emails are generally sent unsolicited (they contact you first), from a business or person you don't know and have never heard of (or a corruption of a familiar business name), often use odd looking English, come from an address outside of the United States, pretend to be an emergency, and ask for overly personal or financial information or request you pay money to do or get something from them.

Please report any attempts to us that you receive that have specifically used the CHOC Board as a fishing ground by third-parties to "troll" for email addresses for the purpose of spam or fraud. We cannot give legal advice or protection, nor can we prevent third-parties from using "bots" to search the internet for targeted information (and hence obtain email addresses), but we can alert others in our community and pass along advice about wise internet practices. (See the paragraphs above). If there is a need, we can alert our web hosting service and any appropriate authorities if we believe contact was done through "hacking" of our account or other such illegal practices wherein the CHOC Board may have been compromised. 

The CHOC Board cannot be held liable for the misuse of our information by dishonest third-parties, but we can do our part to help authorities put an end to such misuse.

Copyright Issues

Help Pages Material Treatment
The CHOC Board contains several different static page types: directory pages and help article pages.  These help article pages, and their connecting subpages and any imbedded articles, are written solely by the CHOC Board and are the property of the CHOC Board with All Rights Reserved. 

You are given permission to print these help pages and imbedded articles off for your free personal or homeschool support group use if you give proper credit to the author and the CHOC Board, print them in their entirety or keep the Q&A section within its intended context, and include the CHOC Board's web address.

Directory Pages Material Treatment:
The CHOC Board directory pages are those static pages which contain fact lists about the resources available to our homeschool community. The information on these pages may be linked to, copied, or freely passed along to others in our community. If you "lift" the complete page, please give credit to the CHOC Board for the entire list or simply include a live link back to our site.

If an internet link on a CHOC Board help page or directory page takes you to another organization's or person's website, please adhere to their copyright wishes for their article or webpage.

Community Event Calendar and General Announcement Board Treatment 

The CHOC Board reserves the right to copy, remove, delete, edit, revise and monitor all information and material that is submitted to its event and announcement bulletin boards without further permission of the submitter (your submission implies permission).    

Please do not cut and paste (or otherwise transfer) any copyrighted material as a personal submission. Please simply refer to the book or source in your submission request or add a link if the source site permits such links. 

Translation Permission

The CHOC Board's help articles may be translated into a different language if the intent of the author's original ideas and context remains in tact and credit for the original work is given to the CHOC Board and no charges are attached.


Availability of Website

The CHOC Board and its owners make no warranty, express or implied, that access to the website pages will be available at any particular time; that operation of the static webpages will be uninterrupted or error-free; or that any particular result or information will be obtained. 


Future Actions

Also while these rules cover most common situations, they cannot anticipate everything. Consequently we, the CHOC Board owners, reserve the right to take any actions we deem appropriate to ensure the CHOC Board and its blogs are not disrupted or abused in any way.